gears 5

With the Xbox Series X/S out in just three weeks, The Coalition’s Gears 5 will stand as one of the more interesting titles to check out. In addition to being fully optimized for both consoles, however, it also offers a reason to replay the campaign. Check out the trailer below to see what we mean.

Yes, Dave Bautista, the famous wrestler and Hollywood star, can be subbed in to the campaign. He’ll take over Marcus Fenix’s role so while there won’t be any change to lines, everything will be delivered in his signature voice. It’s an odd choice but could be a nice extra for some fans.

Along with being playable in 4K, Gears 5 will also support 120 FPS in multiplayer for both Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S. One can also expect higher particle counts, real-time global illumination, contact shadows and much more. The enhanced version is out on November 10th alongside both consoles. Stay tuned for more details in the coming weeks.

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