EGX is here! This time it’s in the rather unique form of PAX Online x EGX Digital, but we’re still covering it like usual.

That means we’ll be running a few short articles like this throughout the week, featuring our impressions from some of the most interesting, unique, or just personal favourite games we’ve tried from the show floor (yes, there’s a show floor!).

Cyberpunk, you may have noticed, is in. It’s easy to imagine why: Cyberpunk 2077 is the most anticipated game of the year, and the wait for it has been a long one – but also, a resurgence in a genre dedicated to the fears of technological overreach, the dilemmas that poses for human agency and purpose, and the catastrophic, corruptive power unchecked capitalism has over our governments, our rights and our lives just feels sort of right at the moment, doesn’t it?

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