Bring the Pain.

Do you love a properly hard challenge? Do you thrive in hostile and punishing game environments where constant death is an expected and necessary part of the cycle? Well then, Flying Oak Games’ ScourgeBringer might just be right up your street. Here we have a tough as nails roguelite that funnels its players through a never-ending succession of procedurally generated death chambers, forcing them not just to learn but to perfect its slick combat and movement mechanics, reacting with split second timing to enemy attacks and using the environment to their advantage in order to survive against all odds. There’s hints of Celeste in the tiny little murder rooms here, whispers of Dead Cells and Hyper Light Drifter in the sumptuously detailed graphical style and, if you’ve got the stomach for it, ScourgeBringer is equally as addictive and satisfying as any one of its most recognisable influences.

The world has been blasted to smouldering ruins by a mysterious structure that’s appeared in the sky, a monolithic alien artefact that has come to be known as the ScourgeBringer. An endless procession of brave warriors and explorers, survivors of the cataclysm, venture into its depths hoping to find answers but are never seen again. You assume the role of Khyra, the greatest of all warriors, now challenged with descending into the uncharted depths of the ScourgeBringer in order to end the planet’s torment and discover the truth behind the devastation that’s been wreaked upon your home.

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